Superior Auditory Evoked Response Detection

“...there are many children and infants that I am now able to assess without the use of sedation. Also with adults who are seen for neurological ABR's I find the waveform morphology develops quicker, which is likely due to the algorithm that reduces the artifact in the averages.”
P. Ellis , M.Sc . Aud.(C)

The Integrity™ V500 System combines new signal processing technologies, improved amplifier design, and wireless capabilities to produce clear recordings without sedation or anesthesia. With this innovative technology, Integrity™ minimizes patient risk, facilitates the early detection of hearing loss, significantly reduces loss to follow-up issues for newborn hearing screening programs, and demonstrates reliable performance in challenging clinical environments such as the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and operating room (OR). In addition, built-in tools simplify the acquisition, analysis and interpretation of data.