Non-sedated ABR / Awake ABR

“Availability of the Vivosonic Integrity reduces the need for sedation by up to 66% for children requiring ABR assessment.”
Dr. J. Hall III, PhD & T. Sauter, MA, F-AAA

“While it is always ideal to record in sleeping or sedated infants, the results of this study showed the ability to successfully record thresholds in awake quiet infants when an adequate sleep was not achieved.” A.M. Elsayed, et al., Ear & Hearing. 36(4):471-481, July/August 2015.

Patented and award-winning technologies built into the Integrity V500 System enable clinical practitioners to obtain accurate and reliable ABR measurements without sedation or anesthesia. The ability to perform non-sedated ABR assessments is essential to maximize patient safety, assess high-risk patients, reduce wait times for diagnostic assessments, ease caregiver anxiety, and significantly reduce healthcare costs. ABR assessments without sedation make it ideal for use in tele-health and the provision of assessments via tele-audiology.

The Integrity V500 System further enables practitioners to assess young patients while they are awake, without the need to employ inconvenient and, oftentimes, ineffective sleep deprivation methods. No other AEP product on the market has the same combination of technologies to facilitate Awake ABR.