Reliable Results in Difficult Environments

“Prior to using the Integrity, it was not uncommon to have to move an infant to a separate area of the NICU in order to complete an assessment. Monitors and alarms not only added electrical interference, but the noise also stimulated the babies, increasing the myogenic interference.”
Dr. B. Walker, AuD, CCC-A

Sources of electromagnetic interference in the environment typically make it difficult to collect reliable AEP measurements. It is common for audiologists to spend more time reducing environmental noise to acceptable levels than actually recording data. Studies report clear advantages of the Integrity V500 System over popular AEP equipment when testing in environments with high electromagnetic interference. Integrity has been found to be less susceptible to electrical artifact and power line noise, with the ability to determine more accurate hearing threshold levels than other products in difficult environments such as the NICU.

The need to use shielded rooms or special equipment is virtually eliminated. And, with its immunity to electromagnetic interference, Integrity V500 System is an invaluable tool for intraoperative monitoring in the noisy operating room. Whether in the NICU, operating room, office, waiting room, or other suboptimal conditions, Integrity technology is effective in managing electrical artifacts -- saving busy practitioners valuable clinical time, and budget-conscious clinics valuable resources.