Unique Technologies, Unique Benefits

The unique benefits of Vivosonic’s technological innovations in audiology have been clinically validated by leading hospitals, clinics, universities, and research institutions. Practitioners and researchers report significant advantages over conventional AEP equipment.

Unique Technologies

Clinical Benefits


VivoLink™ wireless recording

Wireless freedom of movement enables caregivers to comfort, hold and stroll their infants during testing and data acquisition.



Patented award-winning technology is a combination of pre-amplifier and electrode located at the recording site, providing filtering of the response before amplification for maximum noise reduction.


SOAP™ Adaptive Processing

Signal-to-Noise Optimized Adaptive Processing is a patented noise-reducing algorithm based on Kalman Weighted Averaging, cleans electrophysiological signals and ensures exceptional response detection.


Time-saving tools

Concurrent display of two statistically independent waveforms (A and B), along with advanced statistical tools facilitate the quick evaluation of waveform repeatability and residual noise. Alternating-split polarity enables the real-time display of cochlear microphonic.