Convenient, Portable, Wireless Recording

“The wireless interface with the computer is innovative! It is user, patient and family friendly. Vivosonic is the only diagnostic ABR system that provides this feature.”
Dr. B. Cone, PhD, CCC-A

Wireless technology integrated into the Integrity V500 System has convenient and practical benefits. The VivoLink™ wireless recording technology records the ABR and sends the data wirelessly to the Integrity computer - up to a distance of 30 feet (10 meters) - for further processing and storage. This provides patients the freedom to move, untethered to the computer. Infants can be conveniently tested while in their mothers' arms, in an incubator, in a car seat or stroller, or in similar comforting positions. Straps that attach to the VivoLink enable the unit to be worn as a back-pack on a young child, or around the neck of an older child or adult.